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Moses Basket

Moses Basket

Moses Basket is a temporary place of safety for abandoned newborns in Zimbabwe waiting to be welcomed into forever families.

The Need for Moses Basket

Why is there such a huge need for the Moses Basket? 

It is illegal for a mother to abandon her baby in Zimbabwe. Therefore, there is no safe “drop spot” where newborns can be safely given up for adoption. Due to Zimbabwe’s reoccurring economic meltdowns over the past 20 years teamed up with the country’s high instances of domestic abuse and incest of young girls, the number of teenage pregnancies is staggering. Many times girls are kicked out of their home situations until their pregnancy is over or until they return without the unwanted baby. Because of these compounded sad issues, Zimbabwe has a high number of newborns abandoned in the capital city as well as in the rural areas.

Abandoned newborn babies
Moses Basket baby

"God places the
lonely in families,"
- Psalm 68:6

"He is a Father 
to the fatherless."
- Psalm 68:5

Moses Basket

The History of Moses Basket

Moses Basket was established in 2012 and since then has helped place over 25 children in their forever families. Over the years, It has been housed in several locations and taken on various forms with different foster families temporarily looking after abandoned newborns. 

The Moses Basket gets its name from the story of Moses in the Bible, where as a newborn his mother placed him in a basket in the Nile River in order to escape the life threatening danger all the Hebrew baby boys were in. The basket he floated in was not Moses' permanent destination, but rather the vessel God used to take him from a place of danger to the loving caring family environment the Lord designed specifically  for Moses to be raised in, in order to accomplish his destiny & purpose. 

That is the mission statement of the Moses Basket: to rescue newborns in danger, lovingly care for them during the time of transition while they wait to be welcomed into their forever families.

Moses Basket baby
Volunteer holding newborn abandoned baby
Moses Basket
A Moses Basket Story

Click Here to read a Moses Basket true story 

How Can I Help?

how to help abandoned babies in Zimbabwe
how to help abandoned babies in Zimbabwe
how to help abandoned babies in Zimbabwe
how to help abandoned babies in Zimbabwe


+263 242 309 097


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