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Feeding Programs

Throughout the years of the ministry’s existence, food distribution in needy communities through local pastors has been one of our foundational outreaches. During times of extreme economic collapse within the country, pastors have counted on the ministry to provide mealie meal (a Zimbabwean staple that’s cooked into a porridge like consistency for multiple meals a day in much of the rural areas) for survival.


Renewal Ministries helps support three local feeding programs in Zimbabwe.  One of these is in the poverty stricken township of Chitungwiza, located just outside the capital city of Harare, we partner with Pastor Jeffrey Pindurai, who has run a feeding program three days a week, feeding the most in need children of the community for over 30 years.

Thanks to your support, Renewal Ministries is able to help provide food for 200 children to receive a noontime meal Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Pastor Jeffrey’s team sings songs with the kids and does a Bible lesson before the food is served.  Each child that comes running to get in the serving line brings their own bowl or plate from home.

It’s a humbling experience watching these little ones stand in line for beans and sudza (part of a basic Zimbabwean diet that consists of a “gritz-like” substance made of ground cornmeal), with each child making sure to give their thanks for what is provided.  A vivid reminder of how very blessed so many of us are, and of the responsibility God has given us when He says, “To whom much is given, much is required.”


The Pindurais’ ministry in Chitungwiza also includes pastoring a church of believers and running a preschool.  Not so long ago, the church met under a metal roof with no sides or walls.  Now that structure has walls and doubles as the church’s preschool during the week and home of their Sunday service on the weekends.  However, now the church has taken on a building project.  The walls for the new structure have gone up, and the church is praying for God’s provision to put the roof on as soon as possible.  

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